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Retailers and rental agencies:

Wish your

made your
profits pop?

good news!

A strategic shift in pricing can visibly boost sales, margins, or both.

You're here because you want to set prices that cause products to fly off the shelves—and with the best possible margins.

But you've experienced that pricing is a hard problem, and the noise in the data make you doubt if even a crack data science team could solve it.

Are you constantly second-guessing your pricing strategy, wondering if it's competitive?
Are you worried that your prices are too high, pushing your customers away?
Are you concerned that your promos are attracting only one-time buyers, eroding profits?
Did your last pricing strategy fizzle because of data integrity issues?
Are you pining for a crack data science team to optimize the heck out of pricing?
Are you constantly debating whether to price low—for volume, or high—for margins?
Do you believe that pricing ought to be a solved problem by now?

We've been there! We've spent years at unicorn startups resuscitating pipelines, getting stung by corrupt data, and ripping our hair out trying to isolate demand signals.

Ultimately, we prevailed, and we've baked our best algorithms and strategies into a simple solution.


decisions as a service

dash listens to your objectives, learns from your outcomes.

Every decision is statistically analyzed, and its optimality is explained intuitively.

Brought to you by experts who invented and deployed decision systems in pricing, promotions, lending, and risk.

Ready to make a good decision?
Book a dash demo!
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