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AI promos for e-commerce

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Jane wears all the hats but one at her online fashion brand; she trusts dash to optimize the personalized discounts she sends to her customers.

dash analyzes Jane's past promos, website traffic, and margins to discover the best customized discount based on each customer's engagement profile.

For example, a churned customer may need a hefty discount to re-engage, while an active customer might need only a small token of appreciation—it's all in the data.

try yourself...

To get the recommended discount for a given customer, enter values for their engagement profile:

  • customer's past average order value

  • weeks since customer's last order

  • customer's total order count

example: 940, 8, 2

type three comma-separated values

recommended discount:


expected profit next month:


compare with*:
*from similar customers at various discounts




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With dash, you choose a business objective (e.g. profit, growth) and then relax while your specified lever (e.g. price, discount size) is optimized automatically.

dash transcends predictive machine learning, producing good decisions that move metrics. After all, businesses run on decisions, not predictions.

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